Selected Works

Limited Edition Concert Posters
White Denim in collaboration with illustrator Tom Velez
In honor of Jägermeister’s new “56 Parts. Best As One.” campaign, Rolling Stone invited Zeds Dead to share the distinct ingredients that shaped the production of their song “Collapse.” Their process was an unexpected compilation of past influences, perspective-altering events and tenured production approaches they’ve polished over the years.

Creative Direction, Design and Illustration

1. Broken hearts 2. Co-writing with vocalist Jenna 3. Vocal pitch shifter 4. Baby grand sound 5. Keyboard synth 6. Sampling plugin 7. Hand claps 8. Kick one 9. Kick two 10. Wind sound efx 11. Explosion sound efx 12. Bass pedal distortion 13. Worn studio monitors 14. Co-producer/ writer Memorecks 15. Healthy indecision (aka cold feet) 16. Parental listening session 17. Toronto recording studio 18. Dylan Mamid aka DC 19. Zach Rapp-Rovan aka Hooks 20. Glitchy sound 21. Portable work station one 22. Portable work station two 23. Yet another customized work station 24. Parents’ record collections 25. Lyric co-writer Jason Chau 26. Long-distance relationships 27. Binge watching trippin’ web videos 28. Tempo knob, excessively used 29. Constant travel 30. Vintage lead synth keyboard 31. Customized software one 32. Customized software two 33. Especially sensitive fans who wear panda ski masks 34. Crowd surfing audience 35. Vegas lights 36. Meeting a wrestling legend 37. Miami laser show 38. Portland after-party sound auditions 39. Over-traveling making us “invisible” at home 40. Emulating DJ scratch sounds with synth patches 41. Our EDM festival fans 42. A former Detroit venue of ours collapsing beautifully 43. Sound of rain drops 44. A wistful leading melody 45. Flute sound subtly layered in 46. Break beat inspired by head-nodding hip-hop enthusiasts 47. Friend’s analog Tremolo pedal 48. 90’s dance music 49. Horse whispering 50. Austin’s Campfire Festival 51. Hamburg Music Festival performance 52. Daring herring on a Berlin night out 53. One good Miami tour stop 54. Endless after-parties and tour bus hangs 55. Surreal reflections thanks to Chicago’s Bean 56. Like many of our live sets, this track was produced to be an emotional
roller coaster ride

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